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    Stuart Douglas Master

      Has anyone here use primefaces with seam? If so how did it go?

      I am thinking of using primefaces instead of richfaces for my next project, just because of the volume of controls they offer (although they don't seem to have a rich:subtable equivalent, which could be a problem).

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          Nicklas Karlsson Master

          Cool! I've managed to miss Primefaces. JSF is starting to accumulate some nice JSF component sets / frameworks, now we have (Rich
          /ICE/Prime)faces and with JSF 2, hopefully integration will be even easier

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            Leo van den berg Master

            Hi guys, Just had a spare hour and I tried it and looks nice, but I can't get the values back to the beans. I'm using it in combination with Rich:faces and it seems that something additional has to be changed. The example only uses Primefaces in combination with seam. So the question is if it can be combined with Rich or shpould it be a replacement.

            The keyboard-tag is impressive and the editor is very nice. What I really like is that the docs contain the tag-description TOGETHER with the bean-code, which saves a lot of Googling.


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              xsa lefter Newbie

              Hi.. If you used a richfaces, you can combine it smoothly with primefaces. I have post question about primefaces configuration in my apps here.

              Im using primefaces especially for charting. Since it based on YUI, there are great charting capability without struggling with low-level UI Code.

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                Chris Simons Expert

                I had a chance to view the PrimeFaces component showcase before their site went down - but I was impressed.

                I wonder if Seam, RichFaces, and PrimeFaces could be used in conjunction with one another?

                I see several components I would really like to get my hands on; has anyone attempted this?

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                  Leo van den berg Master


                  works great but needs some further testing , for instance the editor has some problems, But other tags work very nice. As stated before, Doc is great !

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                    yigit darcin Newbie


                    I am co-author of PrimeFaces and I really like seam. We are using it in a few projects and we really love its capabilities.

                    I have tested richfaces and primefaces running on seam and it is ok. We also hear from the people in our forum that they are using richfaces and primefaces together successfully.

                    I hope you all emjoy primefaces because it is a very powerful JSF library and when you combine it with seam, it is easy to develop and test.


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                      Stuart Douglas Master

                      I am definitely going to try them on my next project, from what I have seen it looks very impressive.

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                        Cagatay Civici Newbie

                        PrimeFaces works fine with Seam, we even have a banking application running built with PrimeFaces and Seam. As for RichFaces integration, I know there're many projects using them together.

                        PrimeFaces has no custom artifacts that can cause interoperability and race condition issues like servlet filters, html parsers, custom viewhandlers, renderkits, statemanagers, navigation handlers. As a result it can be used with other libraries on demand.

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                          chris webster Newbie

                          Primefaces certainly should be considered for any JSF project. However it is not very mature so some elements work well, some less so. Comet (Ajax push) isn't happy alongside SEAM and there's not the volume of knowledge out there just yet to cover the many permutations and combinations of application stack. There are also holes/errors in the documentation too. I just started a project with Primefaces but I'm sorry to say I've moved back to Richfaces because Primefaces doesn't seem to be quite there yet.

                          For Ajax push in SEAM, remoting is a better way to go, however Primefaces using Atmosphere would have removed the need for the ugly javascript stuff you end up with. The Richfaces Ajax push is actually still polling under the hood and their demo Chat application missed messages under testing.

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                            wu haixing Newbie

                            Any one use primefaces 2.0.2 successful in Jboss M3?

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                              rafadg Newbie

                              Can you say how to use primefaces with seam?