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    How to implement really LONG running action ?

    Ilya Dyoshin Newbie


      I need to implement a really long running action. This is data import from old system to brand new SEAM-based system.

      I wrote it using SEAM + Spring (Spring gave me the JdbcTemplate for running SELECTs and UPDATEs on old database, and SEAM gave me the SEAM :)

      I've implemented it as the action for button :) and added importer.page.xml with <begin-conversation flush-mode="commit"/>

      Recently it was ok. But now the import time received a huge increase (because of the greater parts of import). So when actually the action come to the end even session is expired. Increasing session timeout and conversation timeout - doesn't helped.

      So is there any other possibility of implementing such thing.

      P.S. the most funniest is that this huge bunch of code would be needed only once!