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    ManyToMany join table not updated

    Sven Kilchenmann Newbie

      Hi all

      playing around with Seam and trying to fill a manytomany join table.
      Following situation:
      A person has multiple roles (based on work, not as a role known from the security). A role could have 0..n functions (specialised education).
      so i tried the follwing:

      Role and Funtion joined on role_function (join table, for the moment only role_id and function_id, in future with a generated id)
      The qualification table contains person_id and role_function_id.

      Now the questions:

      1) How to autogenerate an role_function_id on assigning a function to a role?

      2) Do i have to develop a seperate bean for the qualification?

      Sorry if the question is clear for all. Searched for the answer and didn't find something which will helps out a newbie like me!
      Hope someone will clear my questions. Thanks in advance.