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    Mail-Excel-PDF without JSF (With Wicket)

    Rob Shepherd Newbie

      Dear Group,

      This question has been asked before (but it has never received any repiles)


      Could I ask again, to see if anybody has any ideas.

      I'd really like to render email, pdf and excel but I'm using wicket.

      What would be required to get a working renderer?

      With a great many thanks


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          Clint Popetz Apprentice

          The pdf/excel/mail renderers are all implemented with JSF components.  It would be essentially a complete rewrite to make them work without JSF.  I don't think that work is currently being taken on, though I could be mistaken.

          Alternatively, under Seam 3 (or under Seam 2 with my patches, search the list) it is possible to use wicket and jsf side by side in a webapp.  In that case, you could use wicket for normal web pages but redirect to jsf pages when you want pdf/excel/mail rendering.