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    resolving el messages in a js file.

    willie slepecki Newbie

      i have a jquery plugin for field validation.  my problem is i need multilingual support.  all the messages (about a hundred or so) are currently coded as variables in the validation.js file that i wrote.  is there a way that i can use seam remoting or anything else to change the

      err="first name";



      inside the js file so that i can get multilingual support in my validation?

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          Shervin Asgari Master

          I am not sure I understand your problem. However this is how we do things:

          To get messages from message bundle in javascript:

          var err = '#{messages['my.message']}';

          If I have some kind of validation going on inside the webremote, I usually handle that in the callback function from the webremote.

          function callBack(objectReturnedFromSomeMethod) {
            if(objectReturnedFromSomeMethod=='success') {

          DISCLAIMER: I just wrote this code from my mind, so don't expect copy paste to work :-)