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    Seam Excel...pageflow problem

    fabio di biase Newbie
      Hi to everyone,
      i'm using jboss seam 2.1, i've created a table with a command button for export some data in excel (with the excel api including in seam), this is part of the table definition:

              <h:panelGrid columns="1" >
                      <rich:dataTable id="posasList"
                                  cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" reRender="datascroller" rows="10"
                                  width="700" border="0" var="sripAttivita" value="#{sirpAttComuneList}"
                                  sortBy="#{sripAttivita.sirpAttivitaComune.acoAnnoRif}" sortMode="single"
                                  rendered="#{sirpAttComuneList.size > 0}">
      ... some column and
                            <rich:column style="width: 100px">
                                      <f:facet name="header">
                                          <h:outputText styleClass="tableHeader" value="Crea Excel"/>
                                      <h:commandButton id="creaExcelPosas" action="excelDatiPosasStrasa"
                                              alt="Crea Excel" title="Crea Excel" image="/img/excel.jpg" />

      In the page flow i've this action mapping with:

              <decision name="evalExcelExpAttivita" expression="#{modificaPosasStrasaHome.loadExcelData}">
            <transition name="posas" to="excelExpAttivitaPosas">
            <transition name="strasa" to="excelExpAttivitaStrasa">
            <transition name="nok" to="Acq_Dati_Rel" />
              <page name="excelExpAttivitaPosas" view-id="/xls/excelAttExportPosas.xhtml">
                      <redirect />
                      <!-- VOCI DI MENU -->

              <page name="excelExpAttivitaStrasa" view-id="/xls/excelAttExportStrasa.xhtml">
                  <redirect />
                      <!-- VOCI DI MENU -->


      The page excelAttExportPosas.xhtml and excelAttExportStrasa.xhtml are two page containing the excel tags
      The export works great but on the main page (the page where is the table) after i've click the button for excel export, every any butto i'm click, there always raise the excel export event, how i' can stop this event?

      Thanks, and sorry for my english,