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    pages.xml validation errors

    Cody Lerum Apprentice

      I'm trying to get my pages.xml to validate and I'm running into two validation issues that I can't get past.

      <page view-id="/admin/search/search.xhtml">
         <description>Search Results</description>
         <action execute="#{search.doSearch}">

      Says cvc-complex-type.2.1: Element 'action' must have no character or element information item [children], because the type's content type is empty.


      <page view-id="/admin/org_add.xhtml">
         <description>Add Organization</description>
         <navigation from-action="#{organizationUtil.addOrg()}">
            <rule if-outcome="true">
            <redirect view-id="/admin/org_list.xhtml" />
               <end-conversation before-redirect="true"/>     

      Errors with cvc-complex-type.2.4.d: Invalid content was found starting with element 'end-conversation'. No child element is expected at this point.

      Looking at XSD File it I think I'm OK with my syntax but maybe I'm missing something obvious.

      Any ideas?