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    WARN: rich:tabPanel, selectedTab and seam conversation scoped components

    Bernhard Anzeletti Newbie

      Dear Seam-users,
      in my project we're using a rich:tabPanel. We want to flip active tabs from outside (ie business logic, not user mouse clicks), so we made a seam component tabController and bound a String value to the selectedTab attribute of the rich:tabPanel, using seam EL. This results in correct behaviour and an additional WARN message that the CONVERSATION scope is not active. Seam.Trace tells that this message gets generated during the restore view life cycle phase where seam conversation scope is not yet available. As soon as Apply Request Values gets invoked (and the seam conversation restored), everything continues as expected. So I am tempted to believe that everything is alright despite the WARN message (which in turn would indicate to check the viability of a WARN here). Am I right or did I miss something important?
      Kind regards
      PS: Same question posted in the richfaces forum.