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    Display static Text below a input Text field in JSF RichFaces

    sai burgula Novice

      I have a input text field in my JSF form. 

      <h:outputLabel value="Course No" for="courseNo" />
        <h:inputText id="courseNo" required="true"
              value="#{courseSearch.crsoffrForAddition.id.courseNo}" label="Course #">

      It is a text field.  I would like to display a static text message to the user to enter the courseNo in the a specific format (ex:  "Course number should be in the following format XX-XXX).  How do I display the message right below the text field. 

      When I put h:outputText it displaces the other fields in the page.

      When I surround it with h:panelGroup, and then put h:outputText, it does not show up.

      I just want that message to be shown below the text field when the page renders.  It should be in a small font so that the user is aware how to enter the input.

      Please let me know if anyone is aware.