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    Problem building project with Seam 2.2: incorrect work, if packed into jar file

    Anton Lisovenko Newbie


      Quite simple question for SEAM professionals.

      I used to have Richfaces project and integrated SEAM recently, created one component with @Factory method. Everything worked, when building project in Eclipse. But when I launched my ant file for creating .war file and deployed it to Tomcat - the @Factory method stopped to work. What I found:

      - if I put classes and seam.properties directly to WEB-INF/classes directory - everything works after deployment (as Eclipse does)

      - if I pack classes and seam.properties to the project.jar and put it to WEB-INF/lib directory - @Factory method is never called, seam component is not initialized correctly.

      This is very strange for me, as classes should be loaded identically by classLoader both from '/classes' and '/lib' directories, but in this case this is not true.

      Thanks in advance.