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    seam pdf tag Paragraph: line break - how?

    Dmitri Ilyin Newbie

      Hi all,

      i use a seam pdf tag library and try to find out a trivial thing.

      With iText i could create a cell with text and put a line break in to it very simple like:

      new Cell(new Paragraph('Comp.-\nFactor', getDefaultLabelFont()))... 

      so the text was wrapped 'Comp.-' was in the first line, 'Factor' was in the second line.

      Now i try to use the same in the template. just so:


      well, it generates 'Comp.-\nFactor' on one line. So my '\n' is not interpreted as a new line sequence.

      Sure alternatively, i could just put all lines in it's own cell, but it would produce very much markup.

      Are there any solutions for this?

      thanks a lot