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    Remote interface with Seam on JBoss 5

    Erich Oldendorf Newbie

      Ok, I browsed through the forum and found some hints but I don´t get it. I tried to create a stateless session bean with remote interface like I did before in a EJB3 application. I created a standalone client application to call the session bean by using the remote interface. All compiled fine and deployed error free. The Seam application works as expected with the web interface.
      Now, when I start my client application I get an name not found, name not bound exception. I tried some of the tips here in the forum but all with the same result. If I look in the JNDI-List (jmx-interface in jboss) the interfaces seem to be in place.
      I´m just beginning to develop with jboss and Seam but this experience is really frustrating.
      I´m using the smallest example possible, only one class with one method without parameters. No webremote but only @remote anotation.
      Maybe somone has a hint about what I´m doing wrong.

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          Arbi Sookazian Master

          name not bound typically indicates a JNDI lookup problem.  This value is specified in the components.xml.

          Here is an example from booking app:

          <core:init jndi-pattern="@jndiPattern@" debug="true" distributable="@distributable@"/>

          the @jndiPattern@ is a property replacement token that is replaced by a value either in componets.properties or ant build.

          check to make sure this is correct...