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    Questions on running seam 2.2 on J2EE container without JBoss embedded

    Alan Chan Newbie

      We are evaluating to integrate Seam into our J2EE 1.4-based framework (OC4J 10.1.3, Toplink, Spring, JSF 1.1). Our goal is to upgrade the JSF 1.1. to JSF 1.2, without upgrading the app server (poor us)

      From the official FAQ and documentation, stated that seam can be run on any J2EE container. But when I further check the dependency-report of seam-core, it has compile-time dependency on Servlet 2.5 API and JSP 2.1 API.

      So my question is if we deploy Seam (without JBoss embeded) on J2EE container and run JSF 1.2 application on it, and assuming we don't use EJB3, is there any conflict or incompatibility with the container-provided Servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.0 implementation? e.g. If I have a servlet running in the same application but totally outside the seam lifecycle, is there any issue?