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    child form that affects list in parent form

    gary ogden Newbie

      I wasn't sure how to phrase the subject, and I don't have any code yet. I'm looking for guidance on how to do it the right way.

      Say I have a page that gets a list of items from the database and displays that list in a table. This data is retrieved from around 6 different drop down boxes and a submit button on the same page.

      If you click on one of the items in the list, it goes to another page where you have two list boxes and 2 arrow buttons, where you can associate details to that item or remove them depending on which detail you pick and which arrow button you click.

      So it's possible that by changing the details of this item, that when you submit and go back to the parent page, it should no longer be in the list on the parent page.

      So how do I build these beans so that I don't try to reload that list every time and only if something is changed in the child page?

      I hope I was able to describe the scenario correctly.