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    framework:restrictions - query based on a date from - to

    Magic Creative Novice

      Writing this question for the third time after some moderator decided to delete it with no comment or notification. @Moderator - please specify a reason!

      Anyways hi again,

      What is the right way to define a query between start date and end date? Something like:

           <component name="Query"
                class="com.pck.Query" scope="CONVERSATION">
                <property name="ejbql">select q from QueryItem q
                     q.created > #{dateFrom} and q.created < #{dateBis}

      I would like to hope that the question will stay and be answered at some point in the future instead of being randomly deleted.  framework:restrictions  is a Seam tag as far as I know and this is the right forum to ask about it, again I hope!

      Thanks to anyone that could answer