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    Problem with h:selectOneListBox and Dates

    Steffen Persch Newbie

      Hi Together,

      I have a Date field in a entityclass and I want to fill it. When I create a h:inputText field or rich:calendar all is working fine when I type for example following date: 13.09.2009 . The Datefield in the entity was filled correctly and all is working great.

      Now I need a dropdown to select the date and I create a h:selectOneListBox with s:selectItems which gets a list of dates that can be chosen. Now i get a FacesMessage with validation failed.

      Code - XHTML:

      <h:outputLabel for="date" value="Datum:" />
      <!-- WORKS
          <rich:calendar locale="de/DE" popup="true" value="#{feed.date}" showApplyButton="false" datePattern="dd.MM.yyyy" id="date" />
      WORKS -->
      <!-- DOESN'T WORKS -->
          <h:selectOneListbox value="#{feed.date}" id="date" size="1">
              <s:selectItems var="fdate" value="#{feedbean.listOfDates}" label="#{fdate.date}" />
      <!-- /DOESN'T WORKS -->
      <!-- WORKS
          <h:inputText value="#{feed.date}" id="date" />
      WORKS -->

      Code - method for dates:

      public List<Date> getListOfDates() {
          final ArrayList<Date> result = new ArrayList<Date>();
          final Calendar todayCopy = Calendar.getInstance();
          int i = 1;
          while (i <= 5) {
              todayCopy.add(Calendar.DATE, +1);
              final int dow = todayCopy.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK);
              if (Calendar.SATURDAY != dow && Calendar.SUNDAY != dow) {
          return result;

      I don't get an exception, only facesMessage that the validation failed for the datefield.

      Thank you for help,
      best regards