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    Problem with Validation & Hibernate

    Stefan Nydegger Newbie


      I have a problem with seam/hibernate validation.
      Basically I have an application that allow to add/edit/delete some entries that are displayed in a richfaces table.
      When I add now a new entry, the values are validated and if they are not correct the facesmessage is displayed under the input field.
      The validation is made with hibernate annotiations. So far so good.
      Now if the user decide to not to store the newly entered record and decide to edit a certain entry, he selects the table row and press a h:commandButton.
      Now the textfield containing the not valid value should be overwritten with the value from the value in the datatable e.g. I want
      to abort the process of saving a new record.
      The problem is now, that the facesmessage is still there and that the wrong value cannot be overwritten.
      I tried to update the value of the field before, set immeditate to true, rerender the componennt and so on.
      It seems I'm missing something obvious here.

      thanks for suggestions