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    Offical GWT support

    Andreas Siegrist Newbie


      We are planning a webproject that will take at least 2 man years of development. We do like Seam a lot but we need GWT for the UI. To be able to decide if Seam is the right technology for us we need an official statement which GWT versions should work. We found evidence that there is a patch to fix problems with GWT 1.5 Bugreport As you can understand we need to know what the state about the newer Versions 1.6 an 1.7 is.

      Thank you for your important statement.


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          Arbi Sookazian Master

          I don't represent JBoss or Redhat at all, but I'm pretty sure that GWT, ICEFaces, Wicket, Tapestry are not supported by a developer or production support subscription.  So if you have any problems with Seam and GWT in prod, you're out of luck as far as Redhat is concerned.

          Why do you need to use GWT?

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            Andreas Siegrist Newbie

            Hi Arbi

            Thanks for your response. I am aware that GWT is not on top of the priority list. However, I think if the reference manual states that it works with GWT I need to know with which versions.
            There are 2 related reasons why I think JSF won't be the right solution for our project. It will be a single page application and therefore I'm worried about all that state that needs to be maintained on the server. I'm afraid, that we will run into memory problems with a singe page solution and a multipage solution doesn't fit our needs.

            Kind regards

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              Tomaz Cerar Master


              We are using GWT 1.7 and Seam 2.2.0.GA and it works with no big problems at all.
              If you search a little in jira you will see there ware lot of other patches that already added support of GWT 1.5
              As coauthor of one of them(JBSEAM-2933) I can confirm that integration works, if it doesn't you can still apply that patch in jira and compile it yourself.

              Definitely GWT support and integration in Seam could and should be greatly improved and as far as I know there are ambitions to greatly improve this part of seam in future releases so starting development of application with gwt and seam should be reasonable decision


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                Andreas Siegrist Newbie

                Hi Tomaz

                Thanks a lot for your response. I'm happy that you have it running without great problems. We keep on working!

                Have a nice day.


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                  f.sauter Newbie

                  Does a RPC call really work for you with 1.7?

                  @see Seam GWT 1.7 RPC Call failed

                  Thanks for any help!