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    DAO and Hibernate code genrating process in JBoss Studio

    Sandy sandy Newbie

         I am using JBoss Studio 2.1 and JBoss AS 5.1.GA. for my new Seam project. When I creates simple project and deploys successfully. Now I want to perform reverse engineering. For this , I go to Hibernate console and getting the  instance with same name as of project. Now I edit the configuration and select core radio button , database connection name and my project  with new hibernate properties and hibernate configuration file with database connection already created. After that I am selecting exporters ( .java ,.cfg and DAO etc.).After that I click Run and successfully create POJO and Home.

      I am confused with following questions.

      1. Is Home class same as DAO class in Spring.
      2. How to get DAO access into user defined classes as In Spring we have application.xml file which contains referenes of all DAO classes.

      3. Entity Manager is the only option to get the access of DAO or POJO independent of ORM tools.In other word, Entity manager is used to interact with POJO or DAO whether we are using any ORM tools (JPA , Hibernate or Eclipse Link etc.)

      Please help me out and reply me with answers of following question.