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    Remember Me custom token store

    Kris Verheire Newbie


      The following extract comes from the documentation for 2.1.1.GA chapter 15 Security :

      To use the automatic, token-based mode of the remember me feature, you must first configure a token store. The most common scenario is to store these authentication tokens within a database (which Seam supports), however it is possible to implement your own token store by implementing the org.jboss.seam.security.TokenStore  interface.

      Since we havn't got any database configured with seam (using JPA) and I can't find a conclusive tutorial on how the entire configuration should be done we decided to write our own TokenStore that links with a custom db.
      However, despite the above mention of the possibility to implement you own store I can't seem to find how to define this store in the components.xml once it's implemented.

      How do I configure my tokenStore into the RememberMe component ?

      thanks in advance.