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    Fast persistence, EIP and other internals

    Shahbaz Chaudhary Newbie

      HornetQ sounds very interesting, I plan on testing it in the next day or two. I have several questions about the internals for HornetQ

      1. The fast persistence mechanism seems to be fairly well integrated with the HornetQ product. It sounds like it would be a great stand-alone product. Any plan to let us create a jar for the persistence code? I have a great need for very fast persistence for my own code.
      2. Something similar to Apache Camel (http://camel.apache.org/)? From what I understand, Apache Camel is not very fast (not ideal for low latency stuff). Are there any plans to integrate such "Enterprise Integration Patterns?"
      3. End-points. It looks like STOMP, JMS, AMQP are either supported or in the pipeline. What if I wanted use my own protocol. Say I wanted to leverage the robustness and speed of HornetQ as a layer below a FIX protocol implementation (protocol for stock trading software).

      Ideally, I'd like to be able to write some custom protocol logic in Netty. Easily embed message transformers, filters, routers, etc., in the server, rely on HornetQ's ability to persist data very quickly (and be able to recover from crashes)...you get the idea.

      If there are architecture or design documents (for developers who wish to grok the source code), they will be very helpful.