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    Annual Seam meeting in Antwerpen

    Shervin Asgari Master

      I just returned from the annual Seam meeting here in Devoxx. I got a chance to speak with a lot of core developers (Dan, Pete, Norman, Christian and Shane, though I didn't get a chance to actually speaking with Shane).

      Most of the discussion went on Seam 3, and how it will look like, and also there was one big surprise that came up, that was at least a big surprise for me personally, and that is that there will be no more Seam 2.x release, meaning, no more bug fixes, feature requests and so on.

      Why this is, and a more detailed description of the meetup can be read on my blog (signature link below). Please bare in mind that I have been writing this right after the Seam meetup and lots of alkohol. So probably some typo here and there :-)