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    events not raised in pageflow

    Troy Tarrrant Newbie


      I have an application using pageflows and sub-pageflows and I've noticed that only a single long running conversation is represented when you call a sub pageflow with no option to create a nested conversation (grumble). Now I NEED the sub pageflow to run in a nested conversation or at least have the ability to clean up conversation state at the end of the sub pageflow (otherwise it just hangs around in the conversation long after the sub flow has finished - which is BAD in my case).

      So I tried the event element on the end-state tag of the sub process with the idea of manually removing conversation state by hand as a workaround, but the event tag DOESN'T raise events.

      pageflow snippnet:

      <end-state name="quit">
          <event type="endMyPageFlow" />

      with an @Observer as follows:

      public void cleanUpConversation() {

      The problem simply is the event tag in the end-state tag of a sub pageflow doesn't work and doesn't raise the endMyPageFlow event.

      Any ideas?