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    Enum from SelectOneMenu not persisted

    Oliver Libutzki Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I have problem persisting an enum type in the database after I have chosen it within a SelectOneMenu. The enum which is persisted always is null, although I selected a value.

      My enum (shortened):

      package com.example.util;
      public enum Day{
           MONDAY(1, "Monday"), TUESDAY(2, "Tuesday"));
           private String ivLabel = null;
           private int ivOridinal = 0;
           private Day(int aOrdinal, String aLabel) {
                ivOridinal = aOrdinal;
                ivLabel = aLabel;
           public String getLabel() {
                return ivLabel;
           public String toString() {
                return getLabel();
           public int getOridinal() {
                return ivOridinal;

      My entity (shortened):

      package com.example.entity;
      public class Time implements Serializable
           private Day ivDay;
           public Day getDay() {
                return ivDay;
           public void setDay(Day aDay) {
                ivDay = aDay;

      My action bean (shortened):

      package com.example.action;
      public class MyAction
          private List<Time> ivTimes;
           @Factory(value = "days")
           public Day[] getDays() {
              return Day.values();

      My xhtml-page (shortened):

      <rich:dataTable id="editTable" var="item" value="#{ivTimes}">
                <f:facet name="header">
                     <h:outputText value="Day"/>
                <h:selectOneMenu value="#{item.day}" id="day" required="false">
                     <s:convertEnum />
                      <s:selectItems hideNoSelectionLabel="true" value="#{MyAction.day}" var="day" label="#{day.label}"/>
      </rich:dataTable >

      That's it. The values stored in the database for the attribute day are diplayed correctly, but after I have peristed my changes in the combo box all days are null in the database.

      Does anyona have an diea?

      Thank you so much in advance