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    MessageGroups and JMSXGroupSeq

    Ross Nicholson Apprentice

      When I'm not using groups order is preserved at the producers level. Is this also the case with message groups or do I have to use the JMSXGroupSeq property to preserve order within the group?

      Initial tests would seem to say I don't need to use it at all but I'd like to make sure.

      I would like to use long standing groups whereby each server has a different group id so all the producers on a server use the same group. Then at the target there would be one consumer for each source server.



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          Andy Taylor Master

          Message grouping is more to do with consumers than producers, altho it is the producer that sets the message property.

          If you use message groups then the order is preserved across multiple consumers on the same queue. It does this by pinning a single consumer to a specific group so that consumer will always receive those messages. If you only ever have a single consumer on a queue then order is guaranteed anyway.

          NB. currently message grouping only works on a singler server, i.e. not across a cluster, so if you are using a cluster you will have to make sure that each set of grouped messages ae sent to the same node. This will be rectified for GA

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            Ross Nicholson Apprentice

            I'm not using a cluster but what about across a bridge? Is order preserved if I use one.

            But back to the my previous question, do I need to use the property "JMSXGroupSeq" or can I omit it when using groups?