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    an error occurred when running TestNG tests

    Sandy sandy Newbie

      Hi ,
           I am using JBoss Studio 2.1 to develop my new Seam project.I just start copying the steps of the link to understand the working of simple Seam project.

      My Link

      But When I start testing of booking example in my JBoss Studio , it gives me exception written below.

      an error occurred when running TestNG tests

      Project location :
      JBoss Studio :
      JBoss AS 5.1 :
      C:-Program Files jboss-5.1.0.GA

      One more thing , When I start using default Seam project using JBoss Tools , it deploys successfully.But when I try to do reverse engineering using Generate Entity , POJO and DAO are not created in the default package(i.e. src/hot).It will created in another package and it will not be accessible to class of src/hot package.

      Please help me out.

      Please tell me about the mistakes I had done in booking example and reverse engineering process.