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    Display an StatusMessage from an Asynchronous method ?

    Jean-Élie Le Corre Newbie


      I am having a problem trying to display a status message from an Asynchronous method.
      The method is called from a button :

      part of page.xhtml :

      <h:messages globalOnly="true" styleClass="message" infoClass="messageInfo" errorClass="messageError" id="globalMessages"/>
      <s:button  value="Message asynchronous" action="#{sourceFileManager.messageAsynchronous}" />

      part of ISource.java :

      public interface ISourceFileManager {
          void messageAsynchronous(); 

      part of Source.java :

      public class Source implements ISource {
          @In private StatusMessages statusMessages;
          public void messageAsynchronous() {
              this.statusMessages.add(Severity.INFO, "test message");

      It works great when the method is not Asynchronous...
      It works also if a call the Asynchronous method from a synchronous method...but then I have to wait till the end of the treatment so I lose the advantages of @Asyncronous.

      Any idea ?
      Thank you