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    JRebel and Seam integration

    Jevgeni Kabanov Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I've started working on integrating JBoss/Seam with JRebel and at the moment adding a new method to a Stateless EJB with a Local interface works fine. However when I try doing the same with Seam it just fails with no message whatsoever. If some Seam devs or users would be nice enough to help me, it'd be very appreciated and would speed up the process a great deal. Is there anyone interested?

      Jevgeni Kabanov

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          Arbi Sookazian Master

          open a JIRA issue for Seam3.  good idea, hot incremental deployment of any file/type is high up on my xmas wish list!

          your guy may be Stuart Douglas, he seems to know a great deal about the JVM spec and classloading in general...

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            Shervin Asgari Master

            Hi Jevgeni. Nice to see that you are looking at this. I know I have been asking for it each time we meet :-)

            I am no seam dev guy, but I think what you may want to do is ask the seam-dev mailinglist. They have removed the spam filter there, so your mail should get easily through. It would be easier to get a response there.

            But what is actually failing? Please provide some more details. Maybe I can help

            Shervin Asgari

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              Arbi Sookazian Master

              So what's the status on this?  What about SFSB support?  What about any changes to the Seam special classloader itself for Seam3?

              Jevgeni Kabanov: The big things to look for in the next release are integration with EJB containers supporting changes to EJB interfaces, full Struts 1.x and 2.x support, better support for enums and static values plus some stuff we’d like to keep secret for the moment :)


              When is the next release of JRebel with EJB interface changes support due out?

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                Arbi Sookazian Master

                In the Spring forums there is very little interest in hotswap or javarebel.  I'm wondering how many users in the Spring or Seam communities are actually using JRebel.  Most likely they are minimally running their Sun JVMs in debug mode during dev/test with hotswap enabled for hot swapping changes to the bodies in POJO methods.

                Does Spring have an equivalent to the Seam special classloader for incremental hot deployment?

                This feature matrix is actually misleading: http://www.zeroturnaround.com/jrebel/comparison/ because it does not state explicitly that the additional hot deploy support for changes to class structure are for POJOs/JavaBeans only, not EJBs.

                Also, how does the hot swap work exactly when you make a method body change in a POJO, for example, during a LRC?  When do the new class versions get swapped in, instantly or after LRC ends or what??