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    The Seam registration example

    I need a real name Newbie

      Hello Community,

      I have written some register user stuff similar
      to how it was done in the registration example.

      No I have two questions:

      When I revisit my register.xhtml page AFTER I
      have registered a user all fields are populated
      with the previous registration values.

      1. I guess because User.java uses @Scope(SESSION)?

      So when I press the submit button again I get the

      org.hibernate.PersistentObjectException: detached entity passed to persist

      2. Is that because the same user entity is attempt to be persisted again?

      Any suggestions how to solve this problem nicely?
      Can I invalidate or reset the user enity somehow
      when the register.xhtml page is revisited?

      Or should I change the @Scope to page context?

      Please let me know what a good design would be.