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    Temporary conversation ending doubts

    Alfonso Vasquez Newbie

      Hi. I've been working with Seam recently and temporary conversations still confuse me. In our project we're using ExternalContext.redirect() to redirect the user to the response page. From what I've read, a Seam conversation ends when the render response phase is called. But then I read somewhere else that: Seam transparently propagates the conversation context (including the temporary conversation context) across JSF postbacks and redirects. So what happens when I redirect to the same page is that commandLinks have the same conversationId appended to its action url always. I've tried to end the temp conversation with <f:param name="conversationPropagation" value="none"/>, as the page says, but that causes that when the redirected page is rendered, the conversation context is already fred and a bean we where using can't be no longer used in the response. So what I want to know, is that if there's a way to end the conversation with a redirect and mantain the context until the rendering of the response? If not, when does a temp conversation really end? Because since the conversation context is propagated through redirects and postbacks, then it seams to me it will never end.