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    Component defined in components.xml not getting created

    Donald Hook Newbie
      I am trying to create an application-wide component by defining it in the components.xml.  The component will have a list of objects.  I can create each individual object and see that they are defined when I view whats in the application context, but I dont see the main component, which contains the list of objects.

      Any insight as to what I am doing wrong would be appreciated!

      This is the component which I am using in a page and is NOT created....
      <component name="processList" scope="application" type="com.ddh.web.bean.ProcessBean">
            <property name="processes">

      This is one of the objects that will go into the "processes" list above.  These do get created 
         <component name="process1" class="com.ddh.model.Process">
            <property name="processName">Update All Stock Quotes</property>
            <property name="processDescription">Updates quotes for all stocks in the database</property>
            <property name="processEvent">updateAllStockQuotes</property>

      This is a snippet of the bean used
      public class ProcessBean implements Serializable
           private static final long serialVersionUID = -3140094990727574632L;
           private List<Process> processes;
            * @return the processes
           public List<Process> getProcesses() {
                return processes;
            * @param processes the processes to set
           public void setProcesses(List<Process> processes) {
                this.processes = processes;