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    Architecture Question on "static images in application"

    Andreas Hoffmann Newbie

      Hello guys,

      i hope someone has a good idea how to solve the following issue:

      We have tons of images of our products (now saved on application server local in /media/images). On the other hand our programmer is setting up an SEAM application where he needs to render these images within the pages. The Application is deloyed as ear-file running on a jboss 4.2.3.
      To access the images out of the application i thought of mounting the /media/images into the application like

      mount -t /media/images /usr/local/jboss/server/default/deploy/Application/images --bind

      But this is not correct... / not working because the target-directory will not be found.

      How would you solve such problem to access static resources like images, pdfs,... out of a JBOSS/SEAM application?

      Tx for your creative input,