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    Project Architecture, MVC Styles, how-to and why?

    Rodrigo Dellacqua Newbie

      Hey there Seam users,

      Im new to j2ee and I'm interested in this framework, I was reading through the tutorials and got myself thinking.

      For me MVC, is the way to go, I like this approach, fits my thoughts, but Seam is clearly an open-minded fellow, which u can implement whatever you like as layers.

      I pretty much know asp.NET MVC, which is great, stuff plays well together really simple.

      I Heard theres 2 kinds of MVC styles, push and pull. Whats the difference between them? which is better? why?

      How can I implement such architecture in a seam project? can i have some examples? who are the controllers? actionbeans? or controllers have actionbeans? views are clearly the jsp or wtv view framework i choose to go with.

      Can someone help me implement a mvc style project structure? i pretty much like asp.net MVC way to organize stuff.

      -- are arrows

      Views -- Controllers -- Services -- Model

      which components belongs in which category?

      is there any better architecture in your POV? which? example? why?