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    SEAM @Validator question

    Franck Garcia Newbie

      I have a SEAM component acting as a JSF Validator with the @Validator annotation. However I've got an error when I referenced it through EL. (I have a similar impl. with a converter that's working fine).

      the error

      EntryEdit.xhtml @63,138 validator="#{carrierCodeValidator}": Identity 'carrierCodeValidator' does not reference a MethodExpression instance, returned type: com.xxxxxxx.validator.CarrierCodeValidator

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          slawek t Novice

          Use in your validator component:


          and in xhtml:

          <h:inputText ... >
            <f:validator validatorId="customValidator" />

          If you want to use the validator directly in <h:inputText ... /> tah just use it like this:

          <h:inputText ... validator="customValidator" />

          it shouldn't be used like EL expression