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    Messages on queue not delivered to consumer

    Brian McCarty Newbie

      I am concerned that everytime I drive some load to queue using a JMS sender, my JMS consumer does not dequeue the messages unless I bounce the hornetq instance and bounce my consumer. It's only a small percentage of messages, but I still cannot seem to get them all delivered without this bounce. After the bounce they get delivered quickly.

      I want to be clear that I am not "loosing" messages, simply they do not seem to want to be delivered to the consumer.

      I load the queue with 100,000 .5k messages while consumer is running and I receive say 999,900 messages but 100 messages still remain on the queue.

      The sender is faster than the consumer so I do experience queue depth during the test (say 10,000 messages max).

      Is there anyway to go about debugging this issue? There are no errors in the hornetq log and all is very quiet except for the queue depth. This same thing happens if I load 500,000 messages. Its just a handful that do not get delivered to the consumer so I suspect I could maybe kill the hq jvm when it is in this state and from the journal files you could take a look?

      These are all persistent messages but no paging and no out-of-memory exceptions. Only 300MB of my 2GB jvm ever gets used (it actually performs fine except for not delivering the last ~100 messages).

      Any help would be appreciated.