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    Redirect on previous pages

    Fabio Affinito Newbie

      I have a very simple question, but I'm wondering which navigation strategy is more efficient.
      I'll try to explain my problem with an example.
      Let's suppose we have two pages, let's say pageA and pageB with a button that  redirects on pageC. On pageC i have a Nullify button. Now, I'ld like that this button would redirect on the provenience page, for instance pageA or pageC. The question is: how can I keep memory of the provenience page? How can I implement such rule in the pages.xml file?

      Thanks in advance,


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          Fabio Affinito Newbie

          I partially solved my problem using @RequestParameter annotation and if-outcome rules on pages.xml.
          Nonetheless, I still have a problem.

          I arrive to my page with such URL: My Link
          then I enter partially the form and I push the Apply button. Since the data aren't complete I get a validation error and every inforamtion on the comeBack parameter seems to be lost.

          How can I manage that?