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    PDF: How to create gradient for p:cell

    John Doe Newbie


      The documentation about the SEAM iText tags is a bit sparse. I have no experience with iText and so I am struggling to create a gradient background-color for a table and its cells. Is there any way to specify this with the seam tags? If not, is there an easy way to extend the namespace? It seems, that in order to create your own PDF components, you just need to extend ITextComponent and then create iText Stuff in createITextObject(FacesContext context) according to your attributes.

      Is that right? Do I need to extend the components at all or is there already a way to achieve what I need?

      Any hints appreciated.

      Kind regards,
      John Doe

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          Norman Richards Expert

          I added gradient support for chart creation but not for PDFs.  Looking at the iText docs, gradients are a bit messy, but it's certainly something that could be added.  If it's something you are interested in working on, I'd be happy to lend some guidance and make sure the changes get back into Seam.

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            Stefan Frank Newbie

            We have lots of new requirements for the rendering we'd like to add, some merely extensions of what's already there (like suppressing headers/footers on the first/last page), adding links, forms etc. - so basically we'd like to extend the existing tags: And we currently don't have a clue on how/where to start, so we're grateful for any help/guidance that you can give us.

            We've also been considering to integrate Flying Saucer(http://code.google.com/p/flying-saucer/), which may be a little easier down the road for more complex layouts) - do you have any ideas about the future of pdf-seam?! I've seen that it is not part of weld/seam3, is that a not-yet or has there been a decision not to port this project to seam3?!