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    How to use HashMap in <s:selectItems> ?

    chaohua wang Newbie
      Hi Folks,

      I have a eamilBean, this is a javebean.
      it has an arrtibute:

      public HashMap<String, Boolean> getTaskTypes(){
                 return this.taskTypes;
      public void setTaskTypes(HashMap<String, Boolean> taskTypes){
                 this.taskTypes = taskTypes;

      I have another calls file called: EmailManagerAction.java.
      which has a method:
      public HashMap<String, Boolean> getTaskTypes()

      The following is part of email.jsp file.

                       <s:selectItems value="#{emailManager.taskTypes}"  var="i" label="#{i}"/>

      But when submit acction:

      I got this error message:

      sourceId=em:taskTypes[severity=(ERROR 2), summary=(Conversion Error setting value 'true' for '#{emailBean.taskTypes}'. ), detail=(Conversion Error setting value 'true true' for '#{emailBean.taskT
      ypes}'. )]

      I am not sure reason why, do i need to do some convert?

      Please help, Thank you very much