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    Serialization Exception on @Destroy. Stateful session bean with nested classes.

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      I have seen others with similar issues but never resolved. There is also an unresolved Jira on this. (Links below.) Has anyone had similar issues? Is this a bug or user error? Your help would be greately appreciated. Please let me know if I should post more details of the code and/or error. Thank you in advance.

      public class SessionStatefulAction implements SessionStateful
           public class ActivityStatusAction implements ActivityStatus
                public class IdAction implements Id
                     //public Long getACTIVE() { return (long)1; }
                     private Long ACTIVE = (long)1;
                     public Long getACTIVE(){return ACTIVE;}
                     public void setACTIVE(Long active){ACTIVE = active;}
                     //public void destroy() {}
                } //public class IdAction implements Id
                private Id id = new IdAction();
                public Id getId(){return id;}
                public void setId(Id id){this.id = id;}
           } //public class ActivityStatusAction implements ActivityStatus
           private ActivityStatus activityStatus = new ActivityStatusAction();
           public void setActivityStatus(ActivityStatus activityStatus){this.activityStatus = activityStatus;}
           public ActivityStatus getActivityStatus(){return activityStatus;}
           public void destroy() {}
      } //public class SessionStatefulAction implements SessionStateful
      public interface SessionStateful
           public interface ActivityStatus
                public interface Id
                     public Long getACTIVE();
                     public void setACTIVE(Long active);
                     //public void destroy();
                } //public interface Id
                public Id getId();
                public void setId(Id id);
           } //public interface ActivityStatus
           public ActivityStatus getActivityStatus();
           public void setActivityStatus(ActivityStatus activityStatus);
           public void destroy();
      } //public interface SessionStateful

      The error:

      14:46:40,000 WARN  [Component] Exception calling component @Destroy method: sessionStateful
      javax.ejb.EJBException: java.lang.RuntimeException: org.jboss.serial.exception.SerializationException: Could not create instance of com.oneaction.util.SessionStatefulAction$ActivityStatusAction - com.oneaction.util.SessionStatefulAction$ActivityStatusAction

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      Thank you in advance