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    pages.xml and Seam 3

    Peter Fry Newbie

      From what I have read Seam 3 will be based on CDI and JSF 2. Both of these technologies are part of JEE 6.

      As far as I know the only non standard bit of Seam 2 left (apart from iText, PDF remoting etc.) that is reasonably fundamental to using seam is pages.xml .

      I've always been puzzled by the fact that Seam's navigation handling isn't 'plugged' into JSF by a declaration of a JSF navgation handler.
      Presumably it 'happens' via a combination of the

      org.jboss.seam.servlet.SeamListener AND

      So to go from 'JSF2 and CDI' to Seam 3 what will remain? Will both of the web.xml elements above be necessary or could the Seam navgation handling (pages.xml) be plugged into 'JSF2 and CDI' without a full Seam setup.

      I guess I'm curious as to whether JSF2 and CDI works out of the box or whether some glue (SeamListener and SeamFilter) is still necessary?

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          Nicklas Karlsson Master

          Non-authorative answer but JSF 2:s navigation has been enhanced to the extent that I would think it's easier to use a custom navigation handler for Seam 3. I'm not aware of the technical reasons for why things were implemented the way they were in Seam 2. With auto-registering filters and listeners in Servlet 3 (and CDI-style interceptors/decorators), I would think that the amount of stuff you have to place in web.xml yourself will be kept to a minimum

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            Peter Fry Newbie

            Mistakenly I suggested that Seam does't use the standard extension mechanism for navigation handlers. In fact there is SeamNavigationHandler and it is in the faces-config.xml shipped in the jboss-seam.jar which obviously provides the default configuration for Seam projects.