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    Getting JSF tag ids to the action class

    Mark Adams Newbie
      Good day,

      I have a hibernate File that gets a list of possible reports.
      It works fine.
      How do I get the selected reportIds from the list and get it to my action.
      Here is the code.

      error is
      @In attribute requires non-null value: ReportHome.report

      <h:form id="ReportBean">
                   <h1>Web Reports</h1>
                       <h:panelGrid columns="2">                    
                               <h:selectOneMenu id="reportId" value="#{ReportBean.reportId}">
                                       <s:selectItems value="#{reportList.allReports}" var="rep" label="#{rep.reportDescr}"
                                                           noSelectionLabel="Please Select..."/>
                                       <s:convertEntity />
                   <div class="actionButtons">       
                       <s:button id="report"  value="Next ->" action="#{ReportHome.getReportParameterPage}"/>           
      public class ReportHomeAction implements ReportHome {
           private EntityManager em;
           private ReportBean report;
           private Log log;
           public String getReportParameterPage() {     
             int test = report.getReportId();     
                log.info("<<<< "+test+">>>>>>");
                return "/eftCashDropRRParm.xhtml";
           public void destroy() {}
      public class ReportBean implements Serializable {
           private Long id;
           private static final long serialVersionUID = 123423423411676L;     
           @In @Out
           private int reportId;
           public int getReportId() {
                return reportId;

           public void setReportId(int id) {
                this.reportId = id;
           @Id @GeneratedValue
           public Long getId()
              return id;
           public void setId(Long id)
              this.id = id;