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    facesMessages addToControl - message lost

    dragos cernahoschi Newbie

      On form submit some validation is performed and a validation message is enqued:

      facesMessages.addToControlFromResourceBundle("username", Severity.ERROR, "user.uniqueUsername");

      The view is redisplayed but no message is rendered next to the control. A warning messages is displayed instead on the console:

      sourceId=null[severity=(ERROR 2), summary=(Existing username), detail=(Existing username!)]

      The responsible view part is bellow:

         <s:decorate id="usernameDecoration" template="layout/edit.xhtml">
             <ui:define name="label"><h:outputText value="#{messages['account.username']}"/>:</ui:define>
             <h:inputText id="username" value="#{register.username}" required="true"/>
             <ui:define name="errMessage">
                  <rich:message for="username" styleClass="error">
                       <ui:include src="layout/valid-err.xhtml"/>

      A rich:messages or h:messages tag displays the message. It seems that the control with the specified id is not found and the message is treated as global one. What happens?