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    s:decorate and aroundInvalidField facet

    John Doe Newbie


      is it possible to have the aroundInvalidField facet truly around the decoration?

      Like e.g.

      <f:facet name="aroundInvalidField"><div>someText<br/> #{MY_FIELD}<br />someText</div></f:facet>

      Kind regards,
      John Doe

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          L Van Houtte Newbie

          Yes, it is possible. Try to use a border as error styleclass:

          <f:facet name="aroundInvalidField"><s:span styleClass="errorborder"/></f:facet>

          and in the css:

          .errorborder {
               border: 1px solid red;

          This worked fine for me in IE6, however the result is quite poor when using it in boxed areas such as a panelGroup. The red box is kind of hidden behind the field it has to decorate. You can get is visible by increasing the number of pixels of the border, but this is not very elegant. Therefore, I myself end up using an asterix behind the decorated field (which is not really what you asked for).
          Good luck!