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    Permission mask problem

    francesco milesi Newbie

      Hi everybody.

      I am using Seam 2.2.0.GA. I had the following bean:

      public class UserManager {
              public String update() {
                      // do something

      Security checks worked fine for target testManager and action update.
      Then I tried to use the @Permission annotation to use a mask (just to experiment). So before @Name I put:

      @Permissions ({
              @Permission(action="update", mask=1)

      and in the action database field I substituded '1' to 'update'. The permission is no more given because in JpaPermissionStore.listPermissions, there is the following line

      if (target != null && (action == null || (actionSet != null && actionSet.contains(action))))



      is false because action equals update but actionSet contains only an Action with value 1 (my mask.....) and it looks as if the mapping between update and 1 is not resolved.