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    Seam 2.2 on Tomcat 5.5 and 6.0

    Piotr Sobczyk Newbie

      Recently I'm trying to run Seam 2.2 GA project on Tomcat. I have done everything like in article from Knowledge Base but I'm still facing serious problems:

      1) On Tomcat 6.0 I can't log on WARN and ERROR levels, no matter what level of logger I congigure in log4j.properties. Anyone succeed to just SEE HIS EXCEPTION LOGGED in Seam Project deployed on Tomcat 6.0? My log file is getting to the place when first exception should occur and then logging stops and no more line is logged :(.
      On other hand on Tomcat 5.5 I have absolutely no problems with logging in the same project with the same logging configuration.

      2) On Tomcat 5.5 I have problems with grabbing datasource from JNDI. Every time EntityManagerFactory is being created, name not found exception is thrown stating that datasource can't be found. On the other hand in the same project with the same configuration I have absolutely no problems on with datasources on Tomcat 6.0.

      3) On Tomcat 6.0 no Seam components annotated by @Name annotation are loaded nor reckognized. I can't say anything about Tomcat 5.5 because of problem 2).

      Huh, does everyone have so many problems with deploying Seam application on Tomcat? In Knowledge Base there is a statement: It turns that this configuration is not that difficult to setup.. I would not agree to put it calmly. I have already lost many hours trying to do this (these are just recent problems) and still don't have it working :(. Anyone with some experiences with Seam on Tomcat can save my life, because I have not much time left! Thanks for help in advance.

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          Piotr Sobczyk Newbie

          Ok, some of problems has been partially solved:

          1) It seems that is a real problem only on Linux. Under Windows Tomcat 6.0 can log error messages to one of its log files. I didn't manage to get that on Linux, though.

          3) It's not about declaring in components.xml or by annotations as I initially thought but about keeping components in main classloader, not hot classloader where they are not visible. So there is no possibility of hot deployment under Tomcat I guess?