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    General Question on Data Input-Validation for Chinese Characters

    Andreas Hoffmann Newbie

      Hello all,

      i hope that the stones will not be thrown from all side... but my question is some kind of abstract or general.

      We implement a business-app (J2EE) on MSSQL 2008 with actual SEAM components and Hibernate as ORM.

      Now we have some free-text fields (textareas) where the user (mostly chinese customers) can input remarks. These will then be
      stored. As our mayor users will be chinese companies I want to implement a 100% waterproove approach
      TO NOT LET THEM STORE chinese characters.
      Do you have another idea how a good validation approach would be. My only idea now is to use regular expressions in the view?
      Any database / Hibernate  / SEAM possibilities...

      any ideas, links ... are welcomed

      TX a lot