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    Publish-Expose Seam feature as WS or EJB

    Nicolas Gonzalez Newbie

      I've been posting some messages in this forum[1] to try to get answers on how to use Pojo WebServices and Remote EJBs under Weblogic.
      I still don't know how to do this.

      I couldn't access the Seam context from my remote EJBs and I couldn't make the webservices work neither.
      Maybe I'm missing something here and I do want to believe that I'm not configuring my app. as it should be done.

      Could someone help me to address these issues?



      At the moment my application is packaged as follows:

      -- APP-INF
        -- lib
          -- myCode.jar
      -- myWar.war

      All the code used from the myWar.war is inside myCode.jar.