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    IdentityManager doesn't persist users and roles

    Sergey Vidyuk Newbie


      I have a seam-gen generated project which was developed for a month. After some modifications IdentityManager.createUser, IdentityManager.createRole, IdentityManager.grantRole functions stop saving modifications in the database. I've spent more then a week for this issue investigation and now I completely have no idea what is wrong.

      However my tests are running perfectly and when I switched test database from in-memory database to some real PostgreSQL database I can see that all users and roles which should be created by the IdentityManager are created in the database and all roles associated with all users correctly. It looks like this issue is not related to the code and I should search for the problem somewhere in configuration.

      Can anybody give me advise where should I start my investigation? Which files should I check and what should I search for?