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    seam22migration.txt missing

    Bruce Link Newbie

      I am going to teach another course on seam starting in January at BCIT.  Last year, I used version 2.0.3.CR1/JBoss 4.2 as per Dan Allen's book which I was/am using as a text.  This year I was planning to move to Seam 2.2/JBoss 5.1.  From the comments it looks like Seam 2.1.2/JBoss 5.0 is more stable.  Any comments or experience on this?

      For the migrations from 1.x to 2 and 2.0 to 2.1 there is a text file describing what changed and what changes need to be made in the code of a working app.  There is no such file for migrating to Seam 2.2 in the 2.2.0 distribution.  Does this mean no changes are needed?

      I have not been able to find a discription of what is new/changed in Seam 2.2, or how one would choose which of the many Seam versions to use.  I have looked at the changelog, but this describes things at a very high level and would require reading through the assiciated JIRA's to know what it is talking about. 

      The only other information I could find pairs Seam versions with JBoss versions.  A more strategic view would be helpful which indicates the features and changes in the API of 2.2 compared to earlier versions (usually this is found in a section of the reference document, but I could not find it).  Can anyone point me to such a document?

      Thanks for any further information on the above.