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    Handeling new windoes


      Hi ,

      I want to have new windows in application. there will be single xhtml page and we will be using some thing like {mybean.name}, {mybean.someData} etc. EL in page.  mybean is component used by this xhtml. On parent page there is list of some items like

      1) Item -1
      2) Item -2
      3) Item -3
      4) Item -4

      Now , When user click on item -1 it need to open new window in which mynewWindowpage.xhtml is shown but it will be using bean session component to display data. when user click second item -2 it should be second new window nut same xhtml page  mynewWindowpage.xhtml which uses mybean session component. So how should this scenario be designed  so that the working of all new windows will be independent of each other.

      Any feed back suggestions will be helpful.